Optimize Your PAP Resupply Program!

Sleep Coaches, Inc. was formed because traditional PAP programs have failed to keep in patients in their therapy and resupply program. Unlike traditional DME PAP Resupply programs using a IVR phone dialer to generate orders, Sleep Coaches Inc.’s unique, proprietary platform combines “Live” patient calls from our sleep coaches, along with multiple methods of contacts, that will significantly reach a larger base of your patients. Our system focuses on patient engagement, education and on-going support to optimize each patient’s sleep therapy program. In turn this generates a significantly higher volume of resupply orders for your business, unlike any other method on the market. Patients can now choose their preferred method of contact when ordering their pap supplies. Our 5 contact methods, makes it convenient for your patient’s lifestyle to stay reordering:

Live Call


Web App.


Our program generates higher sales orders & retains patients longer in your resupply program

• Increases Your Patient Retention Rates (use a photo of female mid age) -Our Sleep Coaches supports and keeps patients active in their sleep therapy • Increases Your Resupply Orders (use graphic of a chart that shows sales growth - arrow upward) -Our patients stay in compliance and re-order 2-3 times per year • Increases Your Order Size (use photo of a cpap mask) -Our patients order 9 items per order, almost all include a Mask, Seals & Cushions